The Frog Blog: Ridiculously Simple Ways to Back Up and Recover Your Digital Life

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The Frog Blog: Ridiculously Simple Ways to Back Up and Recover Your Digital Life

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Anti-virus protection is a great complement to back up protection. We partnered up with Emsisoft to provide you with an exclusive offer!

CryptoLocker: A Reminder to Have a Backup Plan


A sophisticated piece of malware, CryptoLocker, has been making headlines over the past few weeks.  Cryptolocker is a malicious program that is known as ransomware, which forces users to pay a specific amount of money to recover their files. The malware is spread through phishing campaigns, with an attachment that appears to be a PDF document, but is really an installer file. Once the malware infects a machine, it will encrypt files and then inform the user that they must pay a ransom of $300 to unlock files within 72 hours. It does appear this 72 hour deadline has eased up in the past week, allowing a user to pay a ransom fee after this period, but at a higher price.

Reseller Testimonial: How Rebit Backup Saved My Summer Vacation


Not convinced you need a hybrid full system backup solution? One of our resellers, Mark Glowacz of Tydan IT, experienced the benefits of Rebit firsthand while visiting family on a summer vacation. Here is his story…

World Backup Day Highlights Need for Automatic Backup


With the third anniversary of World Backup Day ( upon us, we want to echo the following statement from the World Backup Day website:

Easily Backup Your Windows Computer to NAS

Add Network backup

If you've ever wondered whether you can back up your Windows computer to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device or even a shared folder on the network, the answer is yes. And Rebit software makes the process very easy.

Eat A Live Frog And Backups Are Easy

What Successful People Do

Making backup of your Windows computer less dreadful can be done in more than one way. One way is to compare the task to something even worse, as this famous author once said:

3 Reasons Cloud Backup Makes Sense for Your Business


Disasters happen. Take, for example, the case of a law firm in South Carolina. When hurricane Irene took the Eastern seaboard by storme, some regions were without power for 2 weeks. Had the firm utilized an online backup service, they could have visited an alternate location to power up laptops and pull down recent copies of active cases to continue their work. Instead, 2 weeks passed with no productivity.

New Leopard Frog Species, New York Commuters, and Continuous Backup


In a recent New York Times article Lisa Foderaro reported that a new species of leopard frog, whose entire known range is roughly within commuting distance of Midtown Manhattan. Some found this very surprising, considering the current challenges of commuting into New York City.

Top Data Backup & Data Recovery Blogs


Over the last few months we've covered myriad ways to backup and protect the important data stored on your computer - from manual backup and automatic backup to continuous backup and cloud backup integration. Understanding the different methods of backup technology will enable users to make dramatically more well-informed decisions in the effort to protect data. Now it's time to share some of the most popular blogs over the last few months.

Full System Backup & Data Protection


When it comes to backup applications, not all are created equal. File backup, the most popular, falls short of protecting applications and settings, as well as the operating system. Image backup applications, while comprehensive, require most of the computer resources during the backup and are typically run on a schedule outside normal working hours. Access to the individual files requires processing a large archive and takes time.

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