The Frog Blog: Ridiculously Simple Ways to Back Up and Recover Your Digital Life

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The Frog Blog: Ridiculously Simple Ways to Back Up and Recover Your Digital Life

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Reseller Testimonial: How Rebit Backup Saved My Summer Vacation


Not convinced you need a hybrid full system backup solution? One of our resellers, Mark Glowacz of Tydan IT, experienced the benefits of Rebit firsthand while visiting family on a summer vacation. Here is his story…

I was unfortunate enough to find out the value of Rebit while on vacation, but I was very happy with the results and thought I would share my experience.

I was visiting my family this summer and we left for a few days to enjoy a water park. When we returned, we found out there was a storm that hit the area while we were away. My parents went to turn on their computer to upload photos from the trip, but the computer would not start up. Troubleshooting determined the hard drive was damaged. While troubleshooting, my brother, who lives about a mile away, called with a similar problem. It appeared a power surge hit the area and caused damage to both hard drives.

I popped in the restore CD to start recovery on my parent’s computer. The external hard drive was spinning furiously but progress didn’t go past 1%. A few more troubleshooting steps and it appears the external drive took a hit too – uh oh! I bought a new hard drive, installed Windows and Rebit’s hybrid cloud backup and restored all their pictures and hundreds of dollars of music. The hybrid cloud feature just paid for itself and then some. I also bought a new NAS device and a battery backup unit to create a new backup destination.

On to my brother’s system.  Luckily, his external drive survived the storm and we restored from the bootable CD in about an hour and a half. The new hard drive was larger so after we booted into the restored system, I opened disk management and expanded the partition. Not only did my brother have his system back, he had more space to work with.

This is the last thing I thought I’d be doing on a family vacation but Rebit proved its ability to protect not only a system, but also minimize the loss of a disaster – even one this small. Rebit is a product that works; I have the proof.

Thanks for saving my vacation!

Do you have a similar story to share? Contact us at to share the details!

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